Evergreen Lake North Trail Officially Open to the Public

The Evergreen Lake North Trail was identified as a key long-term improvement for Evergreen in the 2015 Evergreen Trails Master Plan.

However, the Master Plan didn’t anticipate a section of the trail collapsing within a year of the Plan’s completion. To restore and improve this key piece of Evergreen’s trail network sooner than expected, a prompt, coordinated effort would be needed on all fronts.

OV Consulting won the rare opportunity to facilitate the ELNT improvement from its conception through construction by leading the Evergreen Trails Master Planning efforts and the Evergreen Lake North Trail Planning and Concept Design Study and by acting as Project Manager for the Design and Construction for the ELNT project. On October 24th, Chris Vogelsang and Kevin Rangel of OV attended the trail’s ribbon cutting ceremony with nearly 75 other project team members, stakeholders, and community members who made the project a success.

The trail’s completion marks nearly a decade of OV Consulting having a lead role in promoting connectivity and mobility in Evergreen, Colorado. The Evergreen Trails Master Plan project coordinated with the Evergreen Economic District and Jefferson County to establish Evergreen’s vision of a connected, cohesive trail network. Through a collaborative and robust stakeholder process led by OV, the team arrived at key trail improvements linking the community with recreational opportunities and supporting a growing visitor base. The plan also identified feasible projects for improvements and prepared future construction funding opportunities. Since the completion of the Evergreen Trails Master Plan, OV has continued to support Evergreen in the buildout of these identified improvements, including the ELNT Phase II Planning Study and various trails and connections throughout the area.

The completed ELNT trail was reimagined from its previous condition into a new, widened path that better accommodates multimodal uses and recreational enjoyment of the lake. OV is proud to have been a part of the cooperative effort between the project team, community, and stakeholders that helped realize this key improvement for Evergreen’s local and regional connectivity, and will continue to support Evergreen in fulfilling their vision of a cohesive trail network for the community.

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